Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the total of the studies in order to increase the visibility on the result page of the search engine and the click rate.

There is no clear definition of a good Google SEOstudy.

The reason is that the search engines constantly update and develop themselves, Google at the first state.

Even though it is possible to divide the SEO studies into subworking fields. These are as follows:

  • Keyword analyzes
  • Competitor and Market Analysis
  • Creating quality and intimately unique content compatible with SEO
  • On-site SEO (Technical SEO)
  • Off-Page SEO (Backlink acquisition and Social Media Management)
  • Increasing Domain Authority with Domain Authority 2.0
  • Optimization Studies for Image Searches
  • Optimization Studies for Voice Searches
  • Videos Optimization Studies
  • Rich Snippet Optimization Studies
  • Google Analytics and Search Console Studies
  • Processing of data obtained from paid tools such as Ahrefs, SemRush, Screamin Frog etc.
  • Creation of relevant social media posts according to requirements
  • Creating blog posts according to requirements and creating a regular work schedule to get backlinks
  • Following the updates made by the search engines and applying them to the site immediately
Search Engine Optimization (Google SEO) Service

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

Why is SEO necessary? It will be enough to give a small example to express more precisely why SEO is so important.

Assume that the rental charges of business places and all expenses are totally same all around the world. The money you will earn will increase directly proportional with the amount of customers you work with.

In such case, would you want your business be located at a very popular main street as Istiklal, or at a side street near your home?

The first result page of search engines is the main street of the digital world just like Istiklal main street.

Interacting with much more customer, and enhancing you brand awareness holds a vital importance to be listed at the first page of the search engines results and this is possible with a good SEO work absolutely.

How are the SEO package prices are determined? In order to define the SEO prices, a pre-analysis process is necessary.

At this phase, the traffic data of the site for the last 2 years, the traffic division according to the channels, the position at the competition, the words that getting traffic and low ranking, compatibility level with Google parameters, originality with the content quality, existence of some compulsory pages (about us page, privacy notices, terms of use, payback and long distance sales agreements etc.), and domain authority is examined.

This analysis is converted to a report and is shared with the customer. Afterward, performing the cost evaluation, it is proceeded on to the quotation process.

What are on-Site SEO and technical SEO? Analyzing and improving the components whether they work correctly or not, forms the basis of the site. How SEO-friendly the content on the site is and the density ratio of the keywords forms the basis of the SEO studies.

In this process, first of all, the website performance and technical parts are improved after the technical examination of the site is performed.

After these analyzes, the issues of how your site appears on the result page of the search engines, the errors on the mobile version, the place of use of the AMP pages if exists, or AMP problems and detection of errors are shared with the technical team of the websites. The optimization of the canonical labels is done.

After these studies the websites begin to be indexed by Google, reached more easily by related users, and become more visible on the search engines.

What is off-site SEO and how the Backlink obtaining studies are performed? The website being recommended by qualified and reliable resources, namely the studies realized intended to create an image that the website is reliable and qualified forms the off-site SEO studies.

In presence of Google, if a website is getting link from really reliable resources ( namely being referenced) that website is also quality and appropriate to be shown to users.

By this mean of logic, we can give an example of getting a comment from whom you rely on his reference, on the decision making stage of getting a service from a business man.

Getting links (backlink) from other sites are quite an effective way of increasing your website authority and forming referral traffic.

While managing our Backlink obtaining studies, we pay attention to get backlinks always from places with high page and domain authority.

For detecting these sort of pages we are normally using the professional versions of the SEO tools asAhrefs, SEMrush, MozBar, SEOmonitor.

What is the most important criteria for SEO?

There is nearly 200 essential factor effecting the ranking of SEO! We can list the most important ones as below:

  • DDomain Age
  • Including the Keyword in the Domain
  • Inclusion of the Keyword in the First Word of the Domain
  • Domain Duration / Domain Registration Length
  • Include Keyword in Subdomain
  • Domain History
  • Country Extension/Location (TLD)
  • Using Keyword in Title Tag (TITLE TAG)
  • Using Keyword in Description Tag (META TAG)
  • Keyword Usage in H1 Tag
  • Keyword Density
  • Content Length
  • Use of LSI Keywords in Meta Descriptions and Titles
  • Page Loading Speed with HTML
  • Duplicate and Duplicate Content
  • Rel = Canonical Usage
  • Image Optimization
  • Update Frequency of Contents
  • Size of Content Updates
  • Inclusion of Keyword in H2 and H3 Tags
  • Quality of Given Links (Outbound Links)
  • Subject of Given Link (Outgoing Link)
  • Broken Links
  • Use of Affiliate Links
  • Finding HTML and Code Errors
  • Domain Hosting Authority
  • SSL Certificate
  • Responsive Design and Mobile Optimization
  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Links Referred from Sites with High TrustRank
  • NoFollow or DoFollow Backlinks
  • Number of 301 Redirects
  • Direct, Referal and Organic Traffic Details

How do we obtain Backlinks and what kind of benefits do you get?

There is an indisputable reality that you must obtain backlinks! How can you get healthy backlinks without consulting any black hat SEO technique? We are providing backlink gain by the backlink obtaining techniques listed below.

  • Obtaining backlink by Skycraper technique
  • Getting links from Broken links (Broken Link Backlinks)
  • Obtain backlinks by industrial studies or original research articles
  • Obtaining backlink via Guest blogging or Guest Posting technique

How long is necessary you should work with us?

You have to work minimum 4 month with us! Although the studies performed less than 4 month are not permanent and can not achieve efficient rise exactly.

Beside this we enable 15% growth at the first 30 days. Beginning from the second month we can enable 60 percentage growth on average EVERY MONTH.

Even though you should not forget that nobody can promise you the first rankings at Google or any other search engine.

Find out long tail keywords with Google Suggestions.

We find the long tail keywords by the tools as Google Keyword Planner or kwfinder, semrush ahrefs.

The meanings and the competitor amount of short tail keywords is so much. Instead of this by using long tail keywords we also realize the optimization studies for the voice search while reaching the target audience much easily.

We analyze your competitors and take a one step further. While analyzing your content and competitors that outdistancing you related to your keywords, we are creating more qualified content, and we are outdistancing them.

We discover new keywords by using Google Search Console ! We find out keywords by using the tools as google Search console, Google Trends, and finding out words with low keyword difficulty but high conversion rates by paid SEO tools as Ahrefs, Semrush, MozBar.


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