Search Engine and Social Media
Advertising Consultancy Service

We carry out studies that will maximize the efficiency of your ads on search engines and social media and reach your target audience, and we provide your advertising consultancy.

Our work as a Digital Advertising Agency is; effective management of advertisements on digital channels of institutions, content publishing at social media, and enhancing the communication and interaction via digital advertising, studies required of attaining the objective of the brand that provides product and service.

The platforms and packages involved in our social media management services are listed below. Monthly post numbers will be shared after the analysis of your social media accounts and the determination of your total budget.

Social media and internet advertising consultancy service

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media and Google Ads

How Much Google Advertising Fees?

The prices at the Google Ads system differ according to every keyword or the competition level in the relevant field. On average the costs per click change between 0.1TRY and 20TRY for Turkey, but we can not say the upper limit is 20TRY

How to Advertise on Instagram?
Advertising on Instagram is very simple. Follow the steps below in order.

  • Connect your Facebook page to Facebook Business Manager.
  • Add your Facebook Ads Account to Business Manager.
  • Link your Instagram account to Business Manager.
  • Create your Instagram ad in Power Editor.
  • Examine Instagram ads feedback, generate reports.

How to Advertise via Instagram Sponsorship?

Instagram Ads have to support the campaign created. The “Create” button is to be clicked after the name is given to the set of advertisements. A new advertisement set is selected and then after clicking the “Edit” button on the right of the page, criteria such as plan, budget, the target market is determined.

How to Advertise on Youtube?

Even though advertising on youtube does not involve any trouble technically, the quality of the content you will advertise, target market selection, and your budget will determine the faith of your advertisement.

To advertise, you need to do in order:

  • After you log in to your Youtube account, log in to address. On the page opened, by clicking on the “Start” button, you will reach the Youtube ad page.

  • First of all you need to define the URL of the video you are willing to advertise on the page opened. You can copy the URL of the video to this field by opening a new tab and entering your channel. Also, you can find the video via writing the heading of the video you want to advertise.

  • After you select your video, you have to determine your advertisement text, advertisement explanation texts, and the preview picture of your advertisement. After you complete these steps click the “Continue” button and choose where the people will be redirected when they click on your ad. to your “Youtube Channel” or to your “Website”.

  • You need to determine your advertisement budget at this step. You have to set the advertisement budget you have determined as a daily budget.

  • In this step, you will determine the target market you are willing to show your ad to. After configuring the options related to the target market you are willing to reach, you will click on the “Save and Continue” button on the bottom.

  • You have to define your billing options if you have an Adwords account for advertising after these steps. Your advertising will be examined after completing the billing and account information options. Youtube will approve your ad if it is ok and your advertisement will get on the publishing stage.

How to Google Advertising?

Advertising on Google is very simple. Follow the steps below in order:

  • Create a Google Ads account.
  • Choose your keywords.
  • Configure the campaign settings.
  • Prepare your ad text.
  • Complete your ad extensions.
  • Insert conversion codes.
  • Configure your billing settings.
  • Follow the data by activating the advertisement.

Which platforms are included in our social media management packages?

We are managing the existence of your brand on all social networking websites while working on getting the attention of as many people as possible.
  • Facebook Account Management
  • Twitter Account Management
  • Instagram Account Management
  • Corporate Linkedin Account Opening and Management
  • Pinterest Account Management
  • Youtube Channel Opening and Youtube SEO
  • Reddit Comments
  • Medium Blog Posts
  • Google My Business Comments and Posts Management

Which services are included in our social media management packages?

Services involved in our social media management services are listed below. Monthly post numbers will be shared after the analysis of your social media accounts and the determination of your total budget.

  • Service provided:
  • Page and Sector Analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Message, Comment Tracking and Notification
  • Campaign and Promotion Planning
  • Brand Management
  • Social Media Corporate Identity Creation
  • Target Market Detection and Creation
  • Creating Content and Hashtags Suitable for the Target Market
  • Content and Image Sharing
  • Facebook and Instagram Story Sharing
  • Facebook and Instagram Advertisement Management and Reporting
  • Phenomenon Marketing
  • Statistics Sharing
  • Expert Support

What is Brand Awareness and why it should be enhanced? Branding is one of the milestones for the institutions to exist in the market for many years.

One of the steps of branding is to provide brand awareness. Due to brand awareness, one company can commercialize the products and services that provide, much earlier according to the other company in the same status.

While branding and brand awareness are important since the establishment of institutions, in some cases, brand awareness can be achieved quite fast by intense public relations and advertisements, while in some cases, branding progress more slowly and parallel to the experience in the sector.

However, in some cases, being in the sector for many years and/or carrying out advertising activities are not sufficient for branding and brand awareness for institutions.

In such situations, it is required to choose more specific and different working channels and a creating a digital marketing plan during the process of brand awareness of the institutions.

For corporations, reaching out more potential customer is the next step after providing the brand recognition. In other words, in order to obtain a brand awareness first of all the brand should be recognized by people.

What is the effect of social media on brand awareness?

As social media tools jump into our lives brands also began to prefer these media tools.

Turkey, which is just developing and says "I don't shop online", now ranks 11th in the world.

According to the information published in real-time by Instagram, on average 60 million photographs are publishing daily over the popular application.

On the platform on average 1.6 billion like are publishing daily, where more than 65% of the members are users outside of the US. 70% of the brands on Instagram share at least 1 during the day.

According to the research “we are social”, we are spending 2.4 hours daily on social media. According to another research, travel lovers use social media and the internet for location selection.

72% of the users determine that they are effected by the comments and recommendations of their friends.

While the the effect of social media is so much, it will be a huge mistake of the brands not to introduce themselves in this virtual market.


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