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The repetitive tasks of your employees steal the time required for more important and creative problem solving situations by managing high-level human relations, which you absolutely need, and reduce your productivity. Even though the “robotic process automation” term has not been heard much until the early 2000s, it was in the progressing stage in the years before.

For RPA, we can say that it involves three main technology. These are;

  • Data Copying
  • Workflow Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence

Data copying is a collecting operation of the screenshots data on an ex application, consequently, the data can be shown in a more modern and unique user interface.

Increased speed, efficiency, and accuracy are at the forefront of the advantages of the workflow automation software, which removes the manual data entry requirement and increases the order realize rate.

Artificial intelligence involves the realization capability of the computer systems that normally require human interference and intelligence.

In short, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an automation system that realizes the workload repeating continuously by itself which steals the time and efficiency of your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions About Robotic Process Automation

What Are the Benefits of Robotic Process Automation?

Among the highest benefits of robotic process automation are the decrease of the probability of error realization due to the removal of the human factor from the system and saving of time.

Apart from these, we can list the following titles in general for the benefits of RPA:

Increases the efficiency

You can increase the productivity by enabling your employees to use the time they spend on constantly renewed works on to the fields that will provide higher benefits.

Reduces operational costs

You can provide much more professional service with a team of only qualified employees due to the decrease of work load and saving on time.

Increases the accuracy of work

Removes the errors generated by human nature at constantly renewed works.

Scaling on demand

You can add robots very quickly or reduce their amounts at your processes, due to the fluctuation in demand, and you can gain an advantage for your institution via using the customer experiences scalable by automation.

Shorten development cycles

You can optimize the processes engaged with software development lifecycles, by reducing the revisions by creating a new automation system and minimizing the possible human errors.

Decrease addiction to IT

You can enable business users to create and deploy their own robotic process automation robots in few hours or days, without the need for any IT skills, therefore you can allow IT to focus on other fields.

What are the application areas of Robotic Process Automations(RPA)?

Some of the best applications of robotic process automation are as follows:


Corporate or Individual users can use RPA for general accounting, operational accounting, transaction reporting, and budgeting.

Financial services

Natural or legal people in the financial sector can use the RPA for currency payments, account opening and closing automation operations, performing audit request management and insurance requests, stock trading, and reporting services.

Health services

Medical institutions can use RPA to carry out patient records, requests, customer support, account management, billing, reporting, and analytics.

Human resources

RPA can automate the HR duties including the onboarding and offboard by updating the employee information and time schedule sending processes.

Supply chain management

RPA can be used for purchasing, order fulfillment, payment automation, tracing stock levels and deliveries.


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