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The biggest advantage of working with a corporate company when building an e-commerce site, is to find a person to get technical support, always. Bilen Software provides 24/7 customer support to all its web, desktop and mobile services.

Bilen Software E-Commerce Solutions

Curious About Our E-Commerce Site Solutions?

We do consider our customers as our partners to work together for many years and will keep on considering the same way.

The relationship between our customers never been considered as an institution we provided only web design or software service !

When the subject is specially about e-commerce site, its your right to want your website to be unique and designed only for you. While designing the e-commerce site, we present new designs until you approve it and do not proceed on the software services. We start the software studies after you approve the e-commerce site design template.

We would like to say that, all the features listed below exists on every e-commerce site we develop;

  • Fast-loading web pages
  • HTML5, CSS3 and ECMAScript+6 compatibility
  • Label System
  • Photo gallery for each product
  • Virtual Pos
  • 3D Secure Virtual Pos
  • 128 Bit SSL Security Certificate
  • Money Order / Eft Payment
  • Pay at the door
  • 1.000 Mb Hosting / Web Space
  • 50,000 Mb Traffic / Monthly
  • 100 Corporate E-Mail Accounts
  • Turkish Management Panel
  • Ability to Add Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Category Creation
  • News and Announcements Area
  • About Us Page
  • Slider and Featured Products Area
  • Contact Form
  • Product Reviews
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Webmaster Tools Integration
  • On-site Technical SEO
  • Registration to All Search Engines
  • Technical support
  • Blog / Article Area
  • On-site product or article search
  • Product filtering

The usage of our e-commerce sites are easy and simple except of all these features above that differing upon demand. Visitor-oriented, distraction-free, compatible with mobile designing, SEO-friendly web designs forms our simplest E-commerce package together with an easy-to-use but powerful content management system.

E-commerce site web design and software prices are directly proportional to the additional features and extra parts requested on-demand on the website. The coding of the simplest e-commerce site may take at least 100 hours. All the workload and features are computed before forming a quotation.

Since the owners of the e-commerce sites are taxpayers, all the work to be done for the e-commerce site owners is collected under the name of corporate service.

The studies related to corporate e-commerce site solutions are supposed to be done by corporate companies. Bilen Software has had an assertive position in IT services that are provided for many years.

The biggest advantage of working with a corporate company while building an e-commerce site is that you can always find someone who can get technical support. Bilen Software provides 24/7 customer support for all web, desktop and mobile services it provides.

It is quite normal and right to request an e-commerce site design compatible with mobile reflecting the best of your company and products on internet. However, some technical issues should not be skipped. The main ones are as follows:

  • It should be fast and reliable
  • There should be on-Site Search
  • The filtering system should be advanced and understandable
  • There should be a basket system
  • There should be a category and tag system

There is not a clear answer to this question,because for the realization of sales over your e-commerce site, the on-site and off-site SEO studies should be carried out properly and seriously. It should also be supported by social media and search engine advertisements if necessary.


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